Tincture Filler Capper

The Apex Entry Level Tincture Filler Capper is an “all in one” Bottle Filler and Capper designed specifically for the CBD and Essential Oil industries. Its small footprint and ease of portability make this “All in One” bottler ideal for both the CBD Industry and Essential Oil Industry. The loading turn table unscrambles and transfers the empty bottles to the automatic conveyor where they are automatically indexed and filled. The filled bottles are then indexed to the capping station where the single head chuck capper torques the hand placed caps. Filled and capped bottles then accumulate on the bottle accumulation turn table where an operator can easily pack them for distribution.

tincture filler capper

Standard Features:

* Heavy duty 304SS tig welded frame
* Heavy duty casters for portability
* User friendly PLC control
* Touch screen HMI
* Made in the USA


Automatic Piston Filler

* 2 Fill heads
* Recommended fill volume 25ml – 60ml (2oz product cylinder)
* Total fill range 5ml – 60ml
* Hopper size 9.2 gallon
* 316 Stainless Steel Food Grade Contact Parts
* Fill Volume Adjustments
* Product Suction and Dispensing Speed Adjustment
* Tri-Clamp Quick Disconnect Stainless Steel Connections
* Diving Fill Head Module, pneumatic
* Pneumatic container indexing gates with; solenoids, air tubing, std brackets
* No Bottle/No Fill Sensor prevents filling when no bottles are present
* Adjustable Back-up Sensor pauses the line when needed 

 Automatic Chuck Capper

* Torque adjustable by tool-less external dial Specifications
* Tool free changeover
* 1 Chuck and 1 Insert included


30″ Loading and Accumulating Turntables

* Single rail system with HDPE bottle contact surface and tool-less adjustments


 12.5′ x 4.5″ Variable Speed Conveyor

* 4.5″ wide acetal non-tabbed chain belt
* 1/2HP motor, 36:1 gear reducer, speeds up to 67′ per minute
* Single stainless-steel rail system with HDPE wear strip & tool-less brackets
* Standard Line Height is 34″ +/- 2″