Pro Series Overflow Filler 

An Overview Of The Pro Series Overflow Filler

Pro Series Automatic Overflow Fillers from Apex Filling System are designed to be applicable for the filling of thin to medium viscosity liquid products, including substances that are “foamy” or “bubbly” by nature. Overflow filling machines are used to produce an aesthetically pleasing fill level, making them ideal for filling transparent containers that require a consistent fill level. The Pro Series Overflow Filler and the Economy Overflow Filler are very similar machines. What sets the Pro Series Overflow Filler apart from similar contraptions is that it has more customizable options and greater capabilities of the PLC and HMI.

The Pro Series Automatic Overflow Fillers are best used to fill things like cleaners, disinfectants, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and beverages. Overflow filling machines are also the best choice for filling products where the internal volume of a container may vary slightly, such as glass bottles. This type of bottle filler ensures consistent fill levels from bottle to bottle, perfect for shelf display. This is due to the use of automatic ultrasound sensors that read pressure levels to ensure that the product level (and therefore the fill time) are carefully controlled in both the product and the container. Pro Series Automatic Overflow Fillers do an impressive job of leaving filled bottles looking clean, uniform, and presentable. They work well in corrosive, sanitary, flammable, or hazardous applications.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty 304SS free standing welded frame
  • User friendly touch screen HMI
  • Product Reservoir
  • Available with 1-12 fill heads
  • Pneumatic indexing gates
  • Automatic product level float system
  • No bottle/no fill sensor
  • Bottle back up sensor (downstream) delays filler operation until jam is cleared
  • On/off and speed controls for conveyor
  • Front panel start and emergency stop
  • Container counter
  • Tool free adjustment
  • Upgradeable
  • Made in the USA
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      • Automatic drip tray
      • Bottle grabbers-neck grabbers
      • Star wheel or timing screw indexing
      • Clean in place system
      • Hazardous location/environment construction – Class I, Division II, Group C & D
      • All pneumatic construction
      • Corrosion resistant construction including all contact parts
      • Sanitary style construction
      • High temperature applications
      • Fill head sizes- 1/4″ up to 1-1/2″


      • Water
      • CBD and essential oils
      • Vape and E-cig
      • Distilled spirits
      • Household chemicals
      • Detergents
      • Degreasers
      • Paints and stains
      • Serums