Automatic Pump Filler 

The Automatic Pump Filler is ideal for filling water thin products, highly viscous products and products with particulates. Our Automatic Pump Fillers easily handle a wide range of container sizes, fill volumes, and product types.

This filler offers greater versatility and easier change over between fill sizes while typically producing greater production speeds than a piston filler. It is ideal for filling cosmetic creams, heavy sauces, honey, gels, shampoos and hair conditioners, paste cleaners and car wax.  The Automatic Pump Filler works well in a wide variety of applications including sanitary, hazardous, flammable, and corrosive products and environments.


  • Heavy Duty 304SS free standing frame
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • User friendly touch screen HMI
  • Available with 1 to 12 Fill Heads
  • Adjustable pump speed on each pump enables us to control product flow electronically
  • Automatic product level control in reservoir
  • Stainless steel product reservoir
  • Positive close fill heads
  • Pneumatic indexing gates
  • No bottle/no fill sensor
  • Bottle back up sensor (downstream) delays filler operation until jam is cleared
  • On/off and speed controls for conveyor
  • Front panel start and emergency stop
  • Container counter
  • Tool Free Adjustment
  • Upgradeable
  • Made in the USA


  • Automatic drip tray
  • Bottle grabbers – neck grabbers
  • Star wheel or timing screw indexing
  • Hazardous location/environment construction – Class I, Division II, Group C&D
  • Corrosion resistant construction, including all contact parts
  • Heated stainless steel tank
  • Product agitation and mixing
  • Diving heads
  • Bottom up filling
  • Clean in place system
  • Wash down motors and controls

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