Handheld Pneumatic Chuck Capper 

The handheld pneumatic chuck capper is an economical, portable cap tightener used to tighten hand placed threaded caps. The handheld chuck capper is the perfect solution for the capping needs of companies with low to medium capping requirements.

With its push to start technology, users simply place the cap on the container and push the hand capper down over the cap. Once the cap is tight, the chuck automatically stops. The adjustable clutch allows the operator to preset the desired torque ensuring each cap is tightened to proper specification.  The handheld pneumatic chuck capper includes an adjustable self-balancer with retracting line, that allows the tool to be suspended neatly and weightlessly overhead, out of the way during case changes, reducing labor fatigue.  It also includes one aluminum chuck and insert.


  • Push to start for easy operation
  • Torque adjustable clutch
  • Precision automatic stop
  • Low noise, low vibration and high accuracy
  • Reverse/forward switch
  • Excellent repeatable torque
  • CE Certified
  • Aluminum chuck
  • Chuck insert


  • Table mount support stand
  • Custom chucks and inserts
  • Additional chuck and insert sizes

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