Automatic T-Corker

An Overview Of The Automatic T-Corker

Our Automatic T-Corker machines are compatible with
almost all T-Corks and Bartop Corks.The Automatic TCorker
uses a sorting bowl to sort the corks which are
then positioned in a chute to properly orient them for
presentation to the bottle. The sorter comes mounted on a
painted steel cart and has a capacity of up to 300 corks.

While most popular in the distilled spirits industry, the TCorker
is also suitable in any other industry where the
container may use a T-Cork, such as condiments, sauces,
beauty, and other beverages. In addition to it’s
functionality, the use of T-Corks can also elevate the
appearance of your packaged product. With its toolless
changeover and available options, our Automatic T-Corker
enables you to effectively and efficiently achieve a
polished presentation of your product.

Key Features

  • Cork Sorter mounted on a painted mild steel stand
  • Stainless steel and aluminum cork chute construction
  • Pneumatic cork placement head
  • Easy to use touch screen operator interface for container setup
  • Container available and backup sensors
  • Bottle locator
  • Speeds up to 30 BPM
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      • Distilled Spirits
      • Beverages
      • Condiments & Sauces