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Our team of filling, capping, moving, and labeling experts pride ourselves in collaborating with our clients to develop, fabricate, and install your ideal packaging solution.  You need to package your product more efficiently.  We are hear to help you!

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Our Team

Alicia Cannon

Alicia (Ali) Cannon

Integrity, honesty, and a dedication to delivering ambitious results serve as the central themes of Alicia’s career and are evident in every interaction she has with our clients and team. Her relationship-centered leadership style has paved the way for Apex Filling System’s culture of compassion & empathy, executed with accountability that ensures consistently great outcomes.

As a learner for life, her pursuit of continuous personal and professional growth has led Apex Filling Systems to be recognized as an industry innovator in customer experience. Holding a degree in  engineering and an MBA, she has a unique ability to analyze processes, identify potential problems before they arise, and develop standardized solutions to ensure every client of Apex Filling Systems enjoys a hassle-free, professional, and pleasant experience.

Her leadership style has been influenced by the work of some of the most well-regarded thought leaders throughout the last 50 years. Among them are Jim Collins, Peter Drucker, Keith Cunningham, and Tony Robbins.


Marc Cannon
Founder / Director of Sales

Marc has over a decade of direct packaging and process machinery experience.  His expertise includes sales, marketing, product development, project management, packaging machine design, line integration, and installation of turnkey packaging and process equipment.

He prides himself in staying at the forefront of packaging automation trends to ensure the solutions he develops help his clients in streamlining their operations, reducing costs, and increasing profitability.  Prior to working in the filling industry, Marc developed his business acumen at an early age while working in his family’s local automotive service business for over 20 years.

He holds a degree in Service Management and Business from the University Of Northwestern Ohio.  His ability to consistently exceed customer expectations, balance multiple projects, and maintain a forward-leaning leadership style is evident in all aspects of Apex Filling Systems’ operations.


Darren Allie
Vice President of Operations

With 15 years experience in the packaging industry, Darren has traveled the world on jobs of all sizes. He has been working in everything from project management, to sales, to production and has the experience to see the entire process from start to end.
Darren steps in for projects to review difficult applications to help come up with solutions that work for every customer. Difficult details are where he excels. Creating a solution built for each customer!
Outside of Apex Filling, Darren likes to work on motorcycles, play with fabrication, and spend time working on cars. If you stop by you might even get to see his bike


Harry Kenney
Director of Finance & Director of Human Resources

Harry has over 25 years of accounting and finance experience that has helped build a strong foundation of knowledge in his field.  Starting in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida where he was born and raised, Harry’s accounting exposure ranges from the non-for-profit sector to over 18 years in the manufacturing sector. He has been exposed to many different industries, including country club, printing and graphics, medical research, interior design, steel production and electronics.

He was a competitive racquetball player that held a sponsorship with Wilson sports which allowed him to travel the US for competitions.  Ranked #1 in the state of Florida at 19, he learned the importance of self-control, self-awareness and hard work as a representative of Wilson, that transferred into his successful working career of which the values he still holds today.

Harry has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Florida Atlantic University and strives on keeping up with the rapid changes of today’s accounting practices in a world that is constantly changing.

The youngest of five children, Harry moved to Illinois in November of 2003 to broaden his accounting background and experience in a big city.  After 16 years in Chicago, he moved to Trail Creek, Indiana with his black lab Bella and is the Director of Finance for Apex Filling Solutions.


Mike Nasiatka
Director of Production

Mike joins the Apex Filling Systems team with an extensive background in assembly and installation of various systems, both electronically and mechanically. He graduated with a Tech degree from the Universal Technical Institute in Chicago.

Mike is a skilled fabricator, with a lifetime of experience to back it up. Growing up, he got involved with the mechanics of any and every motorized activity you could fathom. He learned the components inside and out which provided a love a learning and complete understanding of operations.

When Mike isn’t working, or remodeling, he is working on racecars, for others, but mainly his own. He is involved with road racing, more specifically – Time Attack. This of course is a seasonal sport, so it frees up time to create and fabricate for others.

Mike is happily married to his wife, Amanda and they share two children, Paxton and Mady. They are very involved in dad’s racing lifestyle. The whole family goes along with a slew of friends and lifetime supporters. We are thrilled to have Mike on our team. With his innovative mentality and affinity for designing, or re-designing systems, we know he will be a great asset to our Apex family.

Damas Manderson
Account Manager/ Director of Culture

Damas comes to Apex from a background as a successful property developer/investor and  visionary entrepreneur.  His strengths lie in building relationships and networking and as a great communicator/ listener he has a background in mentoring/life coaching and loves to help people with what they are looking for (to bring out the best versions of themselves).   He is empathetic and comes with a lot of wisdom.

Damas’ daughter, Kennedy-Rose, has a rare syndrome that took him down another path focusing on family and keeping present and engaged through strenuous circumstances. He moved to the States and sold his business to get the best medical services possible.   

Damas is passionate about mentoring people to believe that their dreams can become a reality.  He loves to exercise, outdoor activities, water sports, embrace nature, spend time with his wife and daughter and son who is now in New Zealand, where Damas is originally from. He loves living on the edge and also values quiet time.  Damas is a New Zealander living in the Midwest.

Greg Golden
Account Manager

Music, medicine, and machinery are not often found together in one life story but sometimes life and its passions take one in unexpected directions.  Greg studied sound recording and liberal arts at Columbia College in Chicago and went on to earn a Master’s of Science degree from the National University of Health Sciences and a clinical doctorate from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

Committed to a personal mission for helping people and especially helping people connect with one another, Greg employs creativity, compassion, and a joy of problem-solving.  He strives to make the client experience at Apex as pleasant and seamless as possible and looks forward to assisting however possible.

When not at Apex, Greg enjoys practicing Chinese medicine, songwriting, and archery as well as doing personal home improvement projects.

Allison Clark
Project Manager

With over twenty years experience as a Project Coordinator and Account Manager within the packaging industry, Allison is well versed in all facets of managing the client relationship from inception to completion.  She has been a member of The Apex team since its inception and plays a critical role in ensuring that projects remain on schedule and all customer expectations are met or exceeded.

Throughout her career, she has established a strong reputation for maintaining client relationships through friendly and value-added interactions.

Away from the office, Allison enjoys spending as much time as possible with her husband, three awesome children, and five grandchildren.  Her perfect weekend would consist of camping, playing horseshoes, hanging out with friends, and perhaps a little yard work.


Brittany Green

Brittany joins the Apex Filling Systems team after being a receptionist for 3 years in a medical office. The years in the medical field helped her gain customer service experience, patience, and organizational skills. She graduated with honors in 2016 from Marquette Catholic High School. She played varsity softball as a catcher, varsity soccer, was the student body treasurer, and also competed in the Science Olympiad. After taking a few years off from school, she is now ready to tackle her next goal of getting a degree in accounting.                                                                                     
Brittany is a proud parent of a rambunctious boy, Kace. Outside of work, they like to play in the dirt and go for walks with their pups, Kovu and Cass. They have begun preparing for Kace to start school and constantly count/sing the ABC’s. In her alone time, Brittany enjoys home improvement projects and trying new recipes. Kace is always her judge for the recipes. If he eats it, it goes on the make again list!


Jonathan Ahlborn
Parts and Service Manager/ IT Manager

Jonathon has over 15 years of experience in Manufacturing and Information Technology. He loves being part of a team of people who are dedicated to quality and service. At work, Jon endeavors to be known as a guy you can rely on and a person who knows how to plan ahead and listen well. Jon loves to get his hands on anything mechanical or technology related.

In his free time, Jon enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He has an obsession for cooking large meals, including smoking and grilling meats.



Brian Thorp
Procurement Manager

Brian comes to us with experience in every part of the process from CAD design parts and plant layouts, MiG and TIG welding, Laser PEP nesting, roll forming, press brake programming and operation, turret press punching programming and operation, assembly manufacturing, plant management, project management, sales and customer relations, storeroom / stock warehouse  management , global travel for first hand understanding of challenges and improvements. 

With 25+ years experience in high speed air, mass mechanical belt, vacuum and magnetic conveyance systems with a worldwide customer base. We are glad to have him on our team!

Outside of Apex Brian likes to spend his off time enjoying life with his two kids and wife. He has a Family “Farm” that has been in his family for over 100 years.  It has grown to consist of many goats, chickens,ducks, Guinea fowl,pot belly pigs, alpacas  a dog and a cat. 

Brian enjoys adventures with many great youth and fellow adult leaders in Boyscouts. Backpacking the Grand Titans, Smokey Mountains,Shenandoah National Park, Laurel Highlands , and canoeing the St.Croix Senic Riverway. 


Michael Smeets

Michael comes to us with four years of Solidworks experience, specializing in sheet metal so far, and has been in the packaging industry for his entire career.  He prefers to be in the office working on designs for customer projects, but isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty out in the shop.

Michael enjoys a good challenge and loves working with others to get the job done.

Outside of work, Michael loves playing with his dog, looking at the latest technology, and going for bike rides, both bicycle and motorcycle.

Kyle Oscarson

While only being a recent graduate from Valparaiso University, Kyle has already shown excellence in design work and production efficiency. His strong drive to constantly improve all aspects in the development of Apex machinery has brought forth creative solutions that have created a better product.

In Kyle’s previous experience, he has often taken on leadership roles. Leading multiple different teams, Kyle has the knowledge to manage and inspire a team of workers to do their best work.

Outside of work, Kyle enjoys helping his community, playing music and watching movies. He can be seen volunteering at the Pax Center in LaPorte, helping lead his church’s youth group, or volunteering with SigEp’s chapter at Valparaiso University, his Fraternity.

Kyle helps with assisting and leading worship at his church, Journey Church. On the side, he can be found doing Open Mic Nights with his twin brother Bret. He has written several original songs and hopes to release an album one day.

Brian Long

Coming into Apex Filling Systems with a Mechanical Engineering Technology Degree from Purdue, Brian is eager to start his career and use what he learned to help see projects through to the end. He loves designing new machines in Solidworks, especially ones that provide a challenge.

Committed to making a quality product, Brian uses his creativity and knowledge to deliver.

When not working at Apex, Brian enjoys home improvement projects, chess, disc golf, and playing video games with friends.

Chris Hermsen
Assembly Technician

With 7 years experience as a Machine Assembly Technician, Chris can’t wait to get his hands on your project, literally.  A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Chris began his career as a Hull Maintenance Technician.  Following his years of service to our nation, he spent fifteen years as a Journeyman Plumber.

Chris’ aptitude for and experience with mechanical components enables him to assemble, configure, and maintain all facets of the filling line in an efficient and effective manner.  He prides himself on his ability to work in an accountable and professional fashion.

When he’s not working, Chris thoroughly enjoys online gaming.  Among his favorite titles is World of Warcraft which he’s been playing for years.

Justin Satterfield
Service Technician

With over 20 years experience in the combined fields of production management, equipment installation, maintenance and repairs, Justin understands your equipment needs from start to finish. Having worked all ends of the spectrum, He knows the bottom line is profitability and takes pride making sure your equipment meets or exceeds your expectations.

Whether it’s a new installation, repairs or upgrades, Justin has the experience and knowledge to make sure everything happens smoothly start to finish.

Having lived in the Midwest for several years, Justin is originally from Oklahoma where in his downtime he enjoys spending time with his children Zach and Isabelle whenever possible. He also enjoys working on the family ranch, music, and anything mechanical from offroad, race, to boating.

Tommy Schell
Assembly Technician

With 18 years experience as a Machine Assembly Technician, Tommy comes to us from Chadam ready to assemble your equipment.

Tommy’s aptitude for and experience with mechanical components enables him to assemble, configure, and maintain all facets of the filling line in an efficient and effective manner.  He prides himself on his ability to work in an accountable and professional fashion.

When he’s not working, Tommy enjoys camping, playing guitar, canoeing and playing with his grandchildren.

Evan Krieger
Assembly Technician

Evan joins Apex with over 5 years experience working in metal manufacturing, engineering, installation, technical repair and calibration, Even is always excited for a new challenge.

In his spare time, Evan loves baseball and building LEGO with his son.

Jake Harnett
Assembly Technician

Jake joins the Apex team with extensive experience in production and maintenence. A self professed ‘quick study’, Jake is ready to get going on the various solutions we offer here at Apex Filling Systems.  With an attitude and desire for learning with a craving of creativity, he will fit right in on our team!

Jake has an 8 year old son, Izaak. They enjoy playing baseball and bowling together. Izaak enjoys playing video games while dad watches.

Jim Affeld

Assembly Technician

Jim has been a musician for 25 years and play bass, drums, guitar, and likes harmonizing vocals. He loves the game of golf, hiking, and kayaking. He loves photography and aspires to be a photographer/ nature journalist. In down time, he  likes to play video games (shooters).
He is a father of 4 beautiful girls; Nora, Aiden, Sophia, and Hannah (NASH is youngest to oldest).

When is comes to his career, Jim has 20 years of experience using his hands. He is a painter by trade and technician by choice. He uses his extreme attention to detail to complete tedious tasks. He like puzzles and building models and believes some of that passion helps him excel in this field.

Jozef Kucharik

Assembly Technician

Jozef Kucharik has over 15 years of assembly and industrial coating experience.  This has helped him build a strong foundation of knowledge in his field. He has achieved success with well-established companies, such as Volkswagen and Panasonic. He prides himself on his ability to work in an accountable and professional fashion. He has a passion for computers and blockchain technologies. 

Outside of Apex Filling, Jozef enjoys fishing, playing hockey,  and spending time with his family.

John Thorp

Shipping and Recieving

John graduated LaPorte Highschool in 2019 with History being his favorite subject. He was involved in Scouts from first grade through his senior year in high school where he achieved the Life Scout rank. He developed a passion for camping and hiking through the Scouts, which gave him the opportunity to adventure the Smoky Mountains, parts of the Appalachian Trail, Grand Tetons and canoe the St. Croix waterway.

Before joining Apex, John worked for the LaPorte Parks Department and also for DW Goetz Construction as a carpentry assistant where he helped build and fix roofing, flooring and new construction projects. The time John spent as a carpentry assistant gave him the opportunity to learn many skills in the construction and building industry that have proven to be very valuable in his current position at Apex. John plays an important role in the shipping department, where he spends time building crates for large filling lines that need to be shipped to customers, this also includes blocking and bracing for safe transport. John also spends time in our receiving department, using our inventory program to properly receive, track and shelve parts that arrive for inventory.

Outside of work John enjoys online gaming with friends and spending time with his family.

Tim Biggs

Assembly Technician

Born and bread adrenaline junky born and raised in northern Indiana.  Studied at Wyotech, obtaining multiple tech degrees specializing in motorcycles, foreign and domestic.  Completed a four-year journeyman machinist program with additional interests in welding and fabrication work.


In my spare time I enjoy spending family time in the garage with my favorite people; my girl Brandee, our son Timmy and our daughters Mia, Tala, Breeahna and Izzy.  We all love to load the bikes and quads in the truck with camping gear and ride new places.  We are all involved in drag racing and we drag race regularly with our turbo-charged monster Hayabusa!


My tag line / modo:  “If you can dream it and I can’t build it, you should walk away, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life”.

Office Dog


Roman is a Great Dane/Great Pyrenees/Mastiff Mix.  He is a gentle giant who is still in his growing stages. He enjoys hanging out at Apex and finding snacks and scratches everywhere he goes. His favorite things to do are run and play with his family, take walks and head toward the sound of anything snacking!  When Roman isn’t being our Mascot at Apex, he is getting completely spoiled by his little people whom he is so loyal and protective of.

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