Free Product Automation Evaluation

Send Us Your Samples

Our customized filling solutions begin with your product front and center. The best way to develop the perfect solution for your product is to get your product in our hands, regardless of the size and scope of your project. It also has the added benefit of helping us to provide you with an accurate estimate of cost and time to develop your filling solution.

With your product in our hands, Apex will be sure to provide quality solutions to bring your production automation to the next level.

To get us your sample, follow these steps:

  • Send one (1) sample of each of the finished products for which you need a packaging solution. In the event you don’t yet have a finished product, you may send one (1) sample of each container, that container’s cap, and any other materials you deem relevant to the final product.
  • It helps if you identify each component you send us with a label.  For instance, tell us if a given component is intended to be used as a cap or container.
  • Provide a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for all products. In accordance with OSHA regulations, we must have appropriate documentation of all hazardous chemicals. We cannot accept products which do not have an MSDS.
  • Complete a packing list located with the button below and send it along with your products and MSDS to:

Apex Filling Systems
1001 Eastwood Rd
Michigan City, IN 46360

Once we receive and review your products, we’ll contact you with any preliminary questions regarding your intentions or expectations. Feel free to call us with any questions.