You’ve been manufacturing foods or consumer goods quite well on your own, but it’s likely you’ve experienced some growing pains as your business handles increased demand. You have an influx of orders and you are feeling the markets increase. An automated packaging line is something you are really entertaining but have so many uncertainties. You’ve likely found yourself googling things like automation, filling, piston fillers, capping and labeling, imagining how much ease and success this would bring to your company. Determining when it’s time to automate your packaging line doesn’t have to be a difficult process, but research definitely needs to be done to make a decision on exactly where to begin, and what needs specifically do you want to be fulfilled with your upgrades.

How will you know when you’re really ready to add automation?

  • Market and Demand

Knowing your target markets and anticipating projected growth ahead of time will help to justify any investments in machinery. Are you growing in products? Employees? Having the foreseeable future full of production growth is highly motivating.

  • Disgruntled Customers

Demand has increased and puts strain on your limitations, which shows in production. Your customers and/or retailers are becoming increasingly demanding and agitated. Worse case scenario, you lose them altogether.

  • Employee Satisfaction

The demand increase for your target market can put strain your employees, as they are increasingly falling behind the quota set in play. This can lead to an increase of injury and high labor turn-over. Or – you find that you are needing to add staff to your production to meet the demand.

  • Labor Cost vs Automation cost

According to – the average hourly rate for production in the United States is $15.00, as of September, 2019, with an annual salary of approximately $31,613.00.  This could easily justify your investments into automated machinery. Could you reduce labor costs? Here is a guide to calculate your ROI or, return on investment.

  • Calculate your PPM or, Packages Per Minute

Determine what your need for PPM is now, and what you anticipate it to be in the next projected months. Here is a super user-friendly solution to finding your rates. Hypothetically, turning toward automation can allow you to free up entire salaries, allowing your income to go toward your investments, and ultimately, profit.

  • Repetitive Operations

Are your employee(s) doing repetitive work that a machine could do, faster and more precise? If you answered yes to this question, ask yourself, what task could a machine accomplish with precision and mastery, consistently? Did you know that automation can basically run each and every task in your production? Rinsing, filling, capping, sealing, labeling, and conveying can easily be accomplished. These are known as solutions. *Note, this is a series of components built on the same ‘line’, but certainly an attainable end result. Apex Filling Systems designs our machines to be compatible together, and ultimately have a turnkey, automated production line.

Are you ready to add automation to your existing production? Reach out to Apex Filling Systems so we can get you moving toward profitability and production excellence. We can get you started with entry level machines to get your automation process moving along. As you decide to invest in more components for your production needs, your salesman/woman will assist you in any manner you need. Not sure how to even go about your next step? Contact us today at 219.575.7493 and get connected with our sales team. From here, an inquiry for your needs will be had and you and your sales professional can get your automated future in motion.



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