What is a CFAT?

A CFAT (Customer Factory Acceptance Test) is performed in house where the liquid filling equipment was built while the customer is present.

What is an IFAT versus a CFAT?

An IFAT (Internal Factory Acceptance Test) is performed in house where the liquid filling equipment was built and video footage used internally for approval.

The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is a process that evaluates the liquid filling equipment during and after the assembly process by verifying that it is built and operating in accordance with design specifications. As the name suggests, this testing is performed at the factory.

FATs are beneficial not just for the buyer and end users but for the manufacturer as well.  Both parties can be assured that the equipment meets all the contractual specifications and any issues can be addressed before arriving at the customer’s site.  Rectifying issues while the system is still in the possession of the manufacturer helps to keep the project on track and within budget.  FATs almost always save time and money over fixing issues in the field. Deviations or abnormalities observed during testing are documented in a problem report and corrected prior to shipment. Our broad Factory Acceptance Test is the most lucrative way to ensure that your equipment operates correctly. The safety of your employees and the results in your liquid filling are always top concerns, so the quality assurance gives you the peace of mind that all components of your system are functioning the way they should, and within the full range of operating specifications.

Who should be present during our CFAT?

The manufacturer and customer can choose whomever they would like from their companies to be present during the Factory Acceptance Test.  It’s a good idea to have any/all of the following on location:

  • Project Managers
  • Operators
  • Plant Engineers
  • Maintenance Personnel

The more valuable input that is received from both parties, the more successful the test will be, which will help to facilitate a fast-track start up.

When is the best time to schedule a FAT?

Times can vary depending on the complexity of the system and the corresponding FAT, but they are typically scheduled 2-4 weeks prior to the ship date to help maintain on-time delivery.  The duration of the FAT is typically anywhere from one to two business days.

At Apex Filling Systems, we encourage our customers to come and actively participate in their Factory Acceptance Testing. It not only gives them the opportunity to see their equipment operating in real-time, providing full visual capacity, it also allows free, on-site training. An FAT with videos being sent to the customer would only provide sections of the liquid filling equipment operating. Which, is not a bad way to view the end result, but certainly doesn’t compare to the full spectrum view of manufacturing automation!

What sets Apex Filling Systems apart from our competitors? We are actually testing your equipment. Once we have decided to move forward meeting your liquid filling needs, you will have bulk samples sent to our facility in Michigan City, Indiana, where we will run your own materials, i.e.; bottles, caps, labels, product, etc.  We are happy to offer a discounted rate at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites for your convenience.

If you are considering starting or expanding your liquid filling operations, contact one of our esteemed Account Managers today so we can get you on your way to automation!


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