Handheld pneumatic chuck cappers play an important role for businesses that do not yet have the capping needs that would warrant the purchase of a larger, spindle capping machine.

Twisting caps onto containers by hand is not only time consuming, but places tremendous strain on the hands, wrists and forearms over time. The damage is compounded by the need to tighten the caps enough to prevent leakage and protect the contents during shipping and storage. If you have ever had to strain to twist a cap open, you can easily imagine the discomfort of reversing the process hundreds of times in a row. Handheld pneumatic chuck cappers are an economical way for smaller businesses to avoid this repetitive stress injury risk while also dramatically increasing productivity.

Power and Precision

Hand held pneumatic chuck cappers operate through the use of “push to start” technology where a production line worker positions the cap on the bottle by hand and then uses the capper to apply pressure. The capper twists the cap on precisely and stops automatically once the right amount of pressure has been applied. This ensures that all the caps in a product line have been tightened to a consistent level. The exact degree of torque used can be set with an adjustable clutch so the correct tightness for each specific container can be achieved.

They can be used with a table mount support stand or integrated into a conveyor belt system, depending on your needs.

Worker Safety

The handheld capper uses pneumatic force, allowing the worker to avoid musculoskeletal injury. The capper itself only weighs between 1.18 and 1.7 lbs., depending on the model, and it comes with a self-balancer so that it retracts overhead and out of the way when not in use.

Because workers have to stand close to the cappers as they operate, it is important that the devices do not generate too much noise. Our cappers operate at 72-78 decibels, which is less loud than a typical hair dryer and below the 85 decibel limit that could cause permanent hearing damage (although hearing protection is still recommended even in less-noisy environments).

Both the retracting line and the auto-shutoff features of our chuck cappers also reduce repetitive strain for workers as they do not need to perform excess motions to stop the device or put it away.

Chucks and Inserts Available for All Capping Needs

There are many varieties of continuous-thread caps style containers, and most of them can be tightened with the standard variety of chucks and inserts. For special circumstances or unusual sizes, we can design custom chucks and inserts to meet any need. The width of the cap and the torque needed to tighten it enough without causing damage will depend on the individual container.

Features of All Models

  • Push-to-start for easy operation
  • Torque adjustable clutch
  • Precision automatic stop
  • Low noise, low vibration and high accuracy
  • Reverse/forward switch
  • Excellent repeatable torque
  • CE Certified
  • Aluminum chuck
  • Chuck insert
  • Two-year warranty

We will work with you to create the filling system that is best for your business. Customization options include:

  • Table mount support stand
  • Custom chucks and inserts
  • Additional chuck and insert sizes

Models Available

The right handheld chuck capper models for your business will be determined by your production needs, the torque required for your specific containers, the size and shape of your caps, and the air pressure and/or power you can provide. Our pneumatic models have greater torque control and less vibration than our electric model, but they also require a pressurized air or gas source, which may not be an option for all settings. Our dedicated team can work with you to select the model that best meets your needs.


  • R.P.M.: 800
  • Torque range: 6.9-39.0 in-lb (8.0-45 kg-cm)
  • Standard torque deviation +/-3(%)
  • Weight: 1.3 lb (630 g)
  • Noise level: 72 (+/-2dBA)
  • Air requirements: 6CFM @ 60PSI


  • R.P.M.: 550
  • Torque range: 26-95 in-lb (30-110 kg-cm)
  • Standard torque deviation: +/-3(%)
  • Weight: 1.7 lb (770 g)
  • Noise level: 78 (+/-2dBA)
  • Air requirements: 8CFM @ 60PSI


  • Electric: 115 volt 60 Hz (220 volt optional)
  • Light warning: carbon brush replacement indicator
  • R.P.M.: 500
  • Torque Range: 13.2-39.6 in-lb (15-45 kg-cm)
  • Standard torque deviation: +/-3(%)
  • Weight: 1.18lb (535g)

Let Apex Help You

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