A number of influences are at work, continually shaping the way contract packagers and producers bring goods to market. And in today’s increasingly global marketplace, the picture becomes even more complex as international forces weigh-in on evolving packaging standards. Growing populations, for example, represent increased demand for bottle filling and flexible pouch usage. But to understand the multifaceted industry, one must also recognize social and technological explanations for packaging trends. On the basis of packaging type, the global liquid packaging market can be segmented into; flexible liquid packaging, stand-up pouch packaging, bag-in-box packaging, packaging films, rigid liquid packaging, cartons, paperboard, plastics & pet bottles, cans and glass.

Buyer preference plays a key role shaping packaging standards, so increasingly popular bottle filling options reflect consumer values. For example, sustainable living and ecologically responsible production practices are important to shoppers, so modern packaging aligns with widespread efforts to waste less food, use energy efficiently, and reduce the amount of material used in the packaging process.

Knowing the consumer market is key when deciding on the package design. For example, organic items have been the preferred choice for consumers across most industries. This preference has revealed a simple pattern in labeling. In essence, the more modest and natural the packaging seems, the more appealing it is to customers. Fast paced lifestyle as well as better convenience of packaged drinks as compared to other packaging methods such as glass bottles, is another major factor fueling the growth of liquid packaging market.

Other packaging and label preferences include:

  • Functionality
  • Clear / transparency
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainability
  • Cost reduction
  • Creativity
  • Concise Ingredients and their source
  • Incorporated values into their Corporate identity (adds ‘authenticity’ to the product)


According to Research and Markets, the global liquid packaging market is poised to grow at a CAGR of around 6.4% over the next decade to reach approximately $473.87 billion by 2025.

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