As a packaging solutions company that specializes in the realm of versatility, Apex Filling Systems prides itself in our ability to work hand in hand with companies in the food industry to successfully develop a packaging process perfect for your liquid product needs. Machinery design and fabrication can be quite complicated, but our team of technicians consistently generates ideas for mechanisms that flawlessly package almost anything you can think of.

Designing Machinery for the Food Industry

Apex doesn’t recommend nor use “food specific” machinery. Rather, we customize the instrument to the specific needs of our customer and the product they plan to use it for. We use this customization process in each kind of industry we service. Any of our equipment can be applicable to food. We use sanitary pumps and tanks for all of our fillers, so contamination is actively prevented.

Almost every item purchased in a grocery store is packaged, capped, filled, sealed or labeled in some sort of way. For each kind of package and every kind of product, a different system of filling may be necessary. That’s where Apex comes in. We design and produce pieces of machinery that will most efficiently package the liquid products you need them to. We come up with a solution for every scenario. Check out our automatic piston filler machines. 

Food Products Our Solutions Work For

  • Spices and Herbs
  • Dressings and Sauces
  • Jams and Jellies
  • Juices 
  • Syrups
  • Salsas
  • Condiments

Companies That We’ve Worked With

Reed Food Technology is a taste development and packaging company that we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with. They use our machinery to fill bags, small packets and cups, large gallon liquid containers and single portion packages. Learn more about our liquid filling solutions

Another company we frequently do business with is WA Imports, an Asian import operation known for their authentic products and packaging. They often take advantage of the bottle filling systems we create to fill bottles with sauces.

Chesapeake Bay Snacks is another company that we have worked with. They were recently featured on their local news, talking about how they create their delicious snowball flavors, which utilizes their Apex equipment.

Consider Apex Filling Systems For Your Food Industry Packaging Needs

Apex is dedicated to satisfying the needs of our customers. We’d be happy to assist you with the development and manufacturing of packaging equipment for all kinds of liquid food products. Contact us today at 219.575.7493 to receive more information.

Integrity, honesty, and a dedication to delivering ambitious results serve as the central themes of Alicia’s career and are evident in every interaction she has with our clients. Her relationship-centered leadership style has paved the way for Apex Filling System’s culture of compassion & empathy, executed with accountability that ensures consistently great outcomes. As a learner for life, her pursuit of continuous personal and professional growth has led Apex Filling Systems to be recognized as an industry innovator in customer experience. Holding advanced degrees in the areas of engineering and management, she has a unique ability to analyze processes, identify potential problems before they arise, and develop standardized solutions to ensure every client of Apex Filling Systems enjoys a hassle-free, professional, and pleasant experience. Her leadership style has been influenced by the work of some of the most well-regarded thought leaders throughout the last 50 years. Among them are Jim Collins, Sally Hogshead, John Maxwell, and Tony Robbins.