In just the past few years the market for legal marijuana use has expanded into a $10 billion industry, and it is expected to double by 2022. Thirty states and the District of Columbia have laws allowing the legal use of marijuana in some circumstances, and certain specific forms of hemp-derived CBD oil are legal in all 50 states. The potential market for CBD and THC products includes recreational users eager for reliable and legal producers to large segments of the population seeking relief from the physical and psychological symptoms of illness.

Silhouette of cannabis plant in early morning light

Silhouette of cannabis plant in early morning light

Entrepreneurs are responding to this promising market in droves, starting businesses as growers, manufacturers and retailers. However, with so many people entering the market at the same time, producers can expect to face competitive challenges from the sheer number of other businesses, the time-sensitive nature of building a brand in a crowded market, and the complex legal requirements under which the industry operates.

Selecting the right tincture filling line for CBD and THC

Under these circumstances, the right tincture filling line will play a crucial role in keeping your operations profitable and on-track.

Here at Apex Filling, we offer all the components you should look for:

CBD oils in glass bottles1. Made in the USA.

Choosing American-made equipment ensures reliable performance on high-quality equipment with less downtime from broken parts. Choosing offshore equipment runs the risk of more frequent breakage, slower shipment of repair parts, and poor service. With a US-based manufacturer, whenever a problem does arise, replacement parts can reach you quickly, and local service and support is readily available. Also see if your equipment manufacturer keeps a large supply of components in stock. This will further speed along any necessary repairs.

2. Easy cleanup and changeover.

A well-designed system reduces product waste, and the time saved helps keep your business profitable. Especially when medical or recreational products will be ingested, having a system that meets or exceeds cleanliness requirements is critical.

3. Precision components.

Quality is key in this market, and it will drive customer loyalty. You will want caps, seals and all other components that preserve your products so they will work as they should. CBD tinctures, for example, are concentrated. Most customers will want built-in droppers that make it easier for them to take small, exact quantities.

4. Expert consultation.

Find an equipment supplier who will listen to your needs and design a system that works for you now and will grow with you in the future. In addition, as a CBD or THC tincture seller, you will especially want to choose a filling manufacturer carefully. Choose one who understands the industry and government restrictions you face, as well as the best components and filling processes for your products.

If you are expanding up to a full-sized factory for the first time, we can also advise you on designing machine and conveyor systems around your energy and water capacities. When your system can efficiently handle bottling, capping, sealing and labeling for you, you will have more time to focus on your product and your marketing.

5. Fast lead times.

Once you have selected your system, you should expect to have it up and running as soon as possible so you can begin to reach your market. At Apex Filling, we have the best lead times in the industry. This can help your business stay profitable as it begins or expands. In many cases, we can ship in as little as two or three weeks.

Apex Filling has semi-automatic equipment starting at $4,000, and we can also design fully-automated lines to meet your needs. For information on financing equipment, check out our resources page. You can also see some of our staff and watch our equipment in action in the video below:

The demand for CBD and THC tinctures is booming, but so are the number of suppliers ready to compete for their share of the market. A well-designed, reliable filling system will help keep costs down in the long term. This is all while protecting the quality of your products as you build your brand.

Let Apex Help You

Apex offers all of our clients customized solutions to their filling needs. To learn how we can help you succeed in a fast-moving industry, call us at 219-575-7493 or visit our page here.

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