When we are talking about belt conveyor systems and why speed is relevant, the obvious concern is having the bottles move through the packaging machinery at a constant speed. These could be, and not limited to, liquid fillers, capping machines and labelers. Constant does not necessarily mean the fastest speed. Moving at speeds too fast will likely lead to inconsistencies such as; bottles jamming, variable fills, labeling deviation, etc. If you’ve set it to move too slow, you may also incur the inconsistencies with some of the machinery, but more than anything, you are not meeting your daily production quota.

Control and Adjustability

While acclimating to the correct speed to move your product along the belt conveyor system might seem trivial, the speed controls for the conveyor system help make the dialing in process smooth. Almost all automatic conveyors will include variable speed controls. Some conveyor systems will include a dedicated controller. Other automatic conveyors will have it incorporated into other packaging machinery, i.e.; filling equipment or capping machinery. In any of these scenarios, adjusting the speed to accommodate your Belt Conveyor requirements will be as easy as dialing a knob left or right. Once you have achieved the speed that is optimal to your production, you will find your packaging needs will be running smoothly and consistently.

Most conveyor systems include guide-rails that can be adjusted for height and width, based on the bottle being used on the packaging line. By using slotted brackets and easily adjustable hand-knobs, conveyor systems manufactured by Apex Filling Systems allow the adjustment process to be both quick and easy. Operators of the belt conveyor system can simply loosen the adjustment knobs and slide the rail in and out, or up and down, until you’ve achieved the proper location for the bottle to be ran.  The knob is tightened and the changeover process is complete. The ease of this process allows for less downtime during production changeovers and increased time spent with productivity. Please take a moment to read another great article on Conveyor Belts – bringing a production process together.

At Apex Filling Systems, we will get all of your conveyance needs met with the turnkey ease for your production requirements. We will guide you through every stage. Our team takes a relationship-centered approach to our work and a dedication to service that allows us to stand out in the packaging industry. Contact Apex Filling Systems at 219.575.7493 or visit our website today so we can get you started!


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