Who doesn’t look forward to students coming in and selling themselves to you in order to have you sponsor them in their school activities? Well, as the world has progressed, this becomes fewer and fewer. Today, it seems that it’s more about an overall team sponsorship. Which, of the same is still a feel-good approach. I personally love the drive and spirit of the individual requesting the monetary assistance of your business to aid them in their endeavors that would otherwise not be so readily available to do without the support of sponsors.


Last month, we showcased one of our team members, Brian. Well, Brian’s daughter, Brianna, is a Junior at LaPorte High School. The team has recently made the decision to get new uniforms for the ladies. This requires a chunk of money that is likely not built in to the annual budget for any school system. What do the teammates do? Fund-raise, or seek out sponsors. In comes this vivacious beauty with such a love for life, miss Brianna. Boasting with a passion for all things. What a refreshing few minutes I was able to spend with such a light! I did a little interview so we could forge that ‘personal approach’ that I love.

Brianna is a 17 year old Junior and has been a 2-sport athlete all of her high school career. As well as a stellar student and a member of the choir. Her motivations for playing the sport of basketball is the family that is built, and the teamwork driven from within. She really enjoys the team dinners. She says that the ladies do a lot of bonding, and the nice thing is, it’s with people you may likely not otherwise be subjected to. I asked Brianna what her personal highlight or achievement has been in the game, and she was happy to say that recently, she has gotten better at specific things that she has struggled with. She is feeling the gratification of her success. What an awesome thing to hear, and see her joy as she was telling me! Brianna says of herself; ‘she always brings the positivity to the team.’ (There is no doubt in my mind she radiates a positive light!)

Slicer Girl Basketball

Let’s talk Slicer Girls Basketball. The training program is extensive. That ‘family’ spends minimally 4 days or more together each week. Be it during practice hours, team bonding activities, or those average, 2 nights / week games they hope to dominate! The season has started and these ladies are off to a victorious start! I am looking forward to seeing them in those fancy new uniforms. I have included the lady Slicers basketball schedule. Go out and support our youth, let’s rally for the perseverance of each and every one of those student athletes. In your community, in our community!

LaPorte Girls Varsity Schedule

LaPorte Girls Junior Varsity Schedule

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